You hear a lot about “recession-proof jobs” these days. Those are jobs that will always be in demand, regardless of whether the economy’s going boom or bust. Here’s a list of jobs you can actually count on being “recession-proof.” Why? Because they’ve been supporting people for thousands of years, literally since the Stone Age! 

  • Recession-proof job #1: Food processing. It turns out food workers have been in demand for at least 100,000 years. In ancient Mozambique, they used stones to crush grains and convert them into flours, breads, porridges or even alcoholic beverages! Experts say that was an important step in human development, because we learned we could process one basic grain into many types of food, and that’s a need that’ll thrive as long as people do.

  • Another recession-proof job from the Stone Age: Fashion design. About 25,000 years ago, our ancestors in the Czech Republic got together to show off the variety of pelts, cloths, and weaves they could use to make caps, belts, skirts, and other types of clothing. It’s the first known example of people gathering to check out the new styles they’d soon be wearing and trading.

  • One more recession-proof job from the Stone Age: Dentistry. Believe it or not, archaeologists in Pakistan recently found drilling tools believed to be at least 7,000 years old. The drills look scarier than anything you’ll find in a modern dentist’s office but experts say the holes they drilled in molars are “amazingly perfect” by today’s standards.