Want to eat healthier? Here are the top ingredients that nutritionists avoid at all costs: 

  • First: Soy. Not all soy is healthy for you. In its whole form, like edamame or tofu, it’s fine. Whole soy foods contain high levels of healthy protein and fiber. The problem comes from “franken-soy” products, like soy burgers, soy milk and soy energy bars. They’re made from processed soy, and when soy is processed, the nutrients are stripped away. The other problem with soy is that it mimics the hormone estrogen in your system. And if you get too much, it can hurt fertility, trigger early puberty in children, and even stimulate cancer cells. And you may be getting more soy in your diet than you realize, since it’s in about 60 percent of the packaged foods on the market. Look for “soy protein,” “soy isolate,” or “soy oil” on labels, and don't eat more than 3 servings a week. 

  • What else do nutritionists avoid? Corn products, like modified cornstarch, dextrose, and corn oil. That’s because all of them are high in bad-for-you omega-6 fatty acids, which can cause inflammation, cancer, and heart disease. According to registered dietician Valerie Berkowitz, most of us consume 15 times more omega-6 acids than we should, because they're in almost every product out there. But you can cut back by phasing out things like margarine, vegetable oil, and soda. 

  • Finally: Nutritionists also avoid BHA, a chemical added to processed foods to keep the fats from spoiling, and extend their shelf life. But BHA has also been shown to cause cancer in animals, which means, it may also cause cancer in humans. BHA is mostly found in pastries, sauces, soups, gum and cereals. Generally, foods containing oils or fat substitutes. 

But the way to avoid all these bad-for-you ingredients is to eat WHOLE foods. Foods that are as close to nature as possible.