Next time you're stuck at a campsite without the right meds - like calamine lotion for bug bites - or nowhere near a pharmacy - here are a few home remedies that'll help you get through: * Let's start with bee stings and mosquito bites: Put an aspirin on a plate, and add a few drops of water. Then rub the paste on the bug bite. It helps relieve the pain because aspirin's anti-inflammatory properties fight swelling. * Next: To soothe a sunburn, try teabags. Dermatologist Dr. Adam Friedman says tea contains compounds that reduce pain and inflammation. So, brew a couple of teabags in hot water. Then, ice it down, or let it cool to room temperature. And dab it on your burns. * Finally: If someone on your camping trip comes down with a cough: Raid the s'mores supplies. Lung expert Dr. Peter Barnes says that an alkaloid in chocolate called theobromine blocks the nerve impulses that trigger coughing.