Home remedies can often work wonders. So, here are few ways to get rid of common aches and pains that don’t require a trip to the drugstore: 

#1: Sleep with an extra pillow. Trent Nessler runs a sports medicine program for NFL football, so he knows plenty about pain. And he says that a lot of back problems come from the pressure on our vertebrae while we sleep. To relieve the pressure, if you sleep on your side, slip an extra pillow between your knees.  And if you sleep on back, put the pillow under your knees.

The 2nd way to relieve pain: Walk more. Research shows that exercise improves arthritis and other joint pain by increasing body strength and flexibility. As an added bonus, regular walking means fewer headaches. Dr. Sid Gilman runs the Department of Neurology at the University of Michigan Medical Center. And he says walking increases blood flow to the brain and releases tension in your shoulders and neck – both of which help ease headaches.

And the last tip could be the most crucial: Improve your posture. Physical therapy professor Lauren Polivka says that slouching is behind the pain most people experience on a daily basis.

The fix: When you’re standing, pretend a string is pulling your head toward the ceiling. And improving your seated posture is even simpler.   Just put a footrest – like the giant dictionary you never use - under your toes, and leave your heels on the floor. Flexing your ankles automatically realigns your lower body, and shifts the weight from your back to your hips - where it belongs.