Some health symptoms seem scary, but they don’t necessarily mean you’ve got a serious problem. Here are a few symptoms that are usually harmless, and when you should see a doctor: 

  • First: Hand tremors. If your hand shakes when you raise a glass of water, don't panic. You may have a harmless condition called essential tremors, and they’re fueled by adrenaline, so excitement or anger can make the symptoms worse. The worrisome tremors, like with Parkinson's, typically occur when you’re relaxed, like when your arms are hanging loosely. But see a doctor if the tremors become severe or if you also have other neurological symptoms, like slurred words.

  • Another scary symptom that’s usually not a problem: Broken blood vessels in the eye. Having the white of your eye turn blood red isn’t usually a cause for concern. You can break blood vessels by sneezing, rubbing your eye too hard, sleeping face down on a pillow, or lifting heavy objects. It can also be caused by medications like blood thinners and too much Omega-3s. But if it happens a lot, you could have uncontrolled high blood pressure, so see your doctor. 

  • Another symptom: Skin tags, which are small, flesh-colored tabs of skin. They’re actually small benign tumors, according to dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman. And they're often genetic, though obesity and pregnancy increase the chances you’ll develop them. They can be easily removed if they get irritated. But if you notice a sudden explosion of skin tags, see your doctor, because they may be a precursor to colon cancer.