I’ve got a few facts about relationships: 

  • First: Owning a dog will NOT help you meet that special someone. According to a recent survey, nearly one in three people are reluctant to date a dog owner, and the same it true with cats. Reasons ranged from allergies to not wanting to share the pet owner’s attention.  

  • Another relationship fact: Helping your spouse with chores will do more for your marriage than giving them expensive gifts. Thomas Bradbury is co-director of The UCLA Relationship Institute. And he says that partners who are willing to make sacrifices to improve their spouse’s daily life have lower divorce rates and an easier time settling disagreements than those who don’t because making sacrifices shows they’re actively working toward keeping the relationship strong.  

  • Another fact: Most women gain weight after marriage. That’s because most new brides tend to match their husbands bite-for-bite. Meanwhile men generally get a health benefit after marriage because their wives nudge them to make healthier choices from the foods they eat to seeing the doctor regularly. That’s why guys are actually more likely to gain weight if they get divorced.  Once they’re alone again, they tend to go back to their bad-health bachelor days.