Health fads come and go. And, if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that medical experts will change their minds about the foods you should or shouldn’t eat! So here are 3 formerly forbidden foods that should be back on your plate:

  • First forbidden food, eggs. They’ve gotten a bad rap for being heavy on cholesterol. But the truth is, they’re full of vitamins, minerals and protein that not only satisfy your appetite, they may also reduce your risk of breast cancer.

  • Next, bananas need to make a comeback. A lot of us stopped eating them because they’re higher in calories than most fruit. However, bananas contain a starch that your body can’t absorb. So you feel full but the food doesn’t turn into fat. In fact, that same starch may actually help you burn fat, because it creates a chemical that forces your body to burn fat instead of carbs. 

  • And the final forbidden food is red meat. The fact is nothing packs as much protein as lean red meat. And protein helps you feel fuller longer. And if you splurge on the grass-fed stuff, you’ll be getting a big dose of a natural chemical called C-L-A, which may stop your body from storing fat cells. Just remember to always go for low-fat cuts. One rule of thumb is to choose any cut with the words sirloin or round in the title.