Want to boost your odds of acing your next job interview? Start eating brain food! Experts say that certain foods prime your brain for an interview – just like certain foods prime athletes before a big game. So, here are a few foods that’ll help you bring your “A” game to your next interview:

  • For clear thinking and optimal brain function, load up on blueberries and wild salmon. They’re packed with nutrients that improve focus and memory. Also, make yourself a peanut butter sandwich! Studies show that peanut butter boosts overall brain health.

  • To improve your problem solving skills, stock up on olive oil, and goji berries. You can buy frozen goji berries at Whole Foods, or bags of dried ones to eat as a snack.

  • To combat anxiety or nerves before the interview, eat yogurt and nuts. They’re packed with amino acids, which studies show lowers anxiety and stress.