What you put in your mouth can help you focus, relieve stress – even relieve a migraine. So here’s what to munch in a few different situations:

The first scenario, you’re trapped in stop and go traffic and you’re freaking out because you’re running late for work. What should you eat to de-stress? Put the coffee down. It can trigger a spike in the stress hormone cortisol. Wait to have your coffee until you’re at work and can use it to power through problems. Instead, to battle your stress, pop a piece of gum. The act of chewing decreases tension because we often clench our jaws when we’re stressed.

Next scenario: your to-do list is a mile long and you’re having trouble staying focused. Stay away from soda. Researchers discovered sleepy people who downed sugary, caffeinated sodas had slower reaction times and more lapses in attention. Instead, sip peppermint tea to maintain your focus. Research has found that peppermint increases concentration and performance on tasks that require sustained focus.

Lastly, you’re about ready power through some cardio. Have a shot of espresso. Researchers in Canada found that caffeine triggers electrical activity in muscle fibers. So having caffeine in your system can improve your speed and endurance – making your workout seem easier.