When you’re in pain, it’s tempting to pop a pill. But that only masks the symptoms. According to the experts, eating certain foods is the best way to cure the underlying causes of pain. 

  • For example: For achy joints, eat cherries. Studies show that eating tart cherries - the darker the better - may be as effective at killing pain as taking ibuprofen. And eating 45 cherries a day cuts production of C-reactive protein by 25-percent, which is a major marker of inflammation linked to arthritis.  

  • To ease sore muscles, try fresh ginger. In a recent study, people lifting weights who got half a teaspoon of ginger a day had 25-percent less post-workout pain after two-weeks. That’s because ginger contains antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. You can make ginger tea by cutting slices of fresh ginger root and steeping them in simmering water for 15 minutes.

  • What foods can help with headaches? Coffee and pumpkin seeds. Experts say that a pounding headache is often caused by dilated blood vessels inside the brain, which increases the volume of blood passing through. But caffeine can constrict those blood vessels and ease the pain. Caffeine can also make painkillers work better, so you can take less. But if you get migraines, you may be lacking magnesium, a mineral that helps loosen tense muscles and calm overexcited nerves. Both of which contribute to migraine pain. Therefore, eating one-third of a cup of magnesium-packed pumpkin seeds a day might stop your migraines cold.