Researchers wanted to know what makes the youngest members of today’s workforce tick. So, they analyzed more than 50 million Facebook profiles of younger workers, and here’s what they found:

  • First: Millennials are well-educated. In fact, nearly half of workers under age 30 either have, or are pursuing, college degrees. The problem is that many of those workers are employed in jobs that don’t require a college education! Experts say that’s because the recession forced many recent graduates to take low-wage, low-skill jobs until they can find something better.

  • Next: Millennials like working for themselves, because the 5th most-popular job title they list on Facebook is “owner” – meaning they’re more interested in being entrepreneurs than working for “The Man.”

  • One more fact about Millennials: They like to mix business with pleasure, because a survey shows that half of Millennials use Facebook during work hours! But that’s not always a bad thing since the average Millennial has 16 co-workers among their Facebook “friends.” Experts say that’s a sign that younger workers use social media to actually get work done, and be more productive!

By the way: Why should you care about any of this new research? Because within 12 years, 75 percent of North America’s workforce will be made up of The Facebook Generation!