It takes years to build a lasting relationship and a good marriage. But here are 3 ways you can improve yours in just a few minutes: 

  • Share a glass of wine. A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that couples who have a weekly drink together feel closer. They also have fewer relationship troubles than couples who don’t. But it isn’t about the alcohol. The most positive effects were seen when both partners drank sparingly, and used the time to reconnect. The drink just becomes a trigger to relax.

  • Brag about your spouse. Dr. Sandra Murray is a professor of psychology at the State University of New York. And her research shows that people who tell others about their spouse’s good points report the highest levels of marital satisfaction. Even though they fully understand their mate’s flaws. That’s because focusing on the positives makes minor irritations seem less significant. 

  • Complain - but not about each other. Dr. Brian Grossman is the author of Learning to Listen. And he says that a lot of people avoid talking about the things that make them anxious - like their parent’s health, or uncertainty at work. But keeping things inside isn’t good for your mental health - or the health of your relationship. In fact, Dr. Grossman says that sharing your concerns actually helps couples bond.