It’s time to bust open three diet myths that’ll do more damage to your waistline than a lifetime supply of Krispy Kreme donuts: 

  • Myth #1: You should eat mostly protein. That’s False. Nutrition specialist Dr. Melina Jampolis says that protein should account for only 25-percent of your calories because it’s hard to get all of the nutrients you need from a protein-heavy diet. And a lot of proteins are high in fat and calories, like rib-eye steaks. Your best bet: Mix protein with complex carbs and healthy fats, which keeps your blood sugar stable and prevents cravings. 

  • Another weight loss myth #2: Skipping breakfast is no big deal. Again, that’s False. Registered dietitian Samantha Heller says that eating breakfast can increase your resting metabolism by 10-percent, which helps you burn more calories throughout the day. So, try breaking your fast every day with whole-grain cereal, a handful of nuts, or yogurt and fruit. 

  • And the last diet myth just won’t go away: Never eat after 7PM. False. Bottom line: A calorie is a calorie, no matter what time you eat it. Nutritionist Jo Ann Hattner says the “don’t eat at night” myth started because people tend to eat more - and eat fattier foods – at night. That’s because people tend to snack from dinner until bedtime. The new rule is this: Make sure there’s at least 10 to 12 hours in which you DON’T eat. So if you eat breakfast at 8AM, stop eating between 8PM and 10PM. Your body needs time to burn the calories you’ve consumed. And if you don’t let it, it’ll just hang onto them and store them as fat.