Losing weight isn’t easy. And a lot of us make it much harder by believing these 3 diet myths: 

  • Myth #1: A calorie is a calorie. That’s technically true, but it won’t help you fit into your skinny jeans. Dr. David Jenkins is a professor of nutrition at the University of Toronto. And he says calories from processed foods are digested so quickly that they cause a spike in insulin levels which makes it harder for our bodies to burn fat. But calories from whole, unprocessed foods don’t have the same effect. So, brown rice is better for your waistline than white rice. The fiber in brown rice will slow down digestion, so you’ll feel full longer - and your body will spend longer breaking down and burning those calories – so less will be stored as fat.

  • The next myth: Drinking water before a meal speeds weight loss. That’s partly true. According to a study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, drinking a big glass of water before every meal saves about 75 calories. But replacing that water with broth-based soup is even better. Studies show that eating two 10-ounce servings of soup a day can almost double your weight loss because the liquid in the soup fills you up, and the calories keep you feeling satisfied longer than plain water.

  • And the last myth sells a lot of pants with elastic waistbands: If you’re not sweating, it isn’t exercise. Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Harvey Simon says there’s zero correlation between perspiration and weight loss. The only thing sweat signifies is that the body is working to cool itself off. So if you take a half-hour walk every day, you’ll end up burning more calories than spending 20 minutes three times a week on the Stairmaster. Why? Because you’re doing it more consistently, even though the intensity is less.