There's a new dating book that debunks all the relationship rules we thought were true. Here are a few outdated rules we no longer need to follow: 

  • Rule #1: Never date a coworker. The experts say it’s hard to meet someone. And making your coworkers off-limits dramatically diminishes your pool of potential mates. The new rule: Dating a coworker is fine, as long as it’s not explicitly against company policy, and you use good judgment. That means, don’t gush to coworkers about your relationship. Never send mushy emails from your workplace computer or through your company’s Wi-Fi connection because the IT department and your boss can read them. And you need to decide if the relationship’s worth losing your job over because studies show that when coworkers split up, one of them almost always leaves the company.  

  • Another outdated dating rule: Nice guys finish last. The new rule is: Nice guys win. After all, nice doesn’t mean boring or weak; it means kind, generous and supportive. And hardly anybody will say, “I don’t like the guy I’m dating because he’s thoughtful” or “I’m dumping my girlfriend because she always listens and seems to care about what I have to say.” 

  • The final old, outdated dating rule: If you’re not immediately passionate about each other, it’s a deal-breaker. The new rule is: Give them time to grow on you. Experts say that once you take the time to really get to know someone and become friends, love often blossoms. And they say the only time you should walk away is if you aren’t attracted to them at all, and just the thought of kissing them gives you the willies.