Here are 3 things to never to say in job interview:

  • “I love your glasses.” Never compliment an interviewer on their appearance. It can come off as inappropriate or just plain creepy. Paying compliments is fine, but they should be related to the company or job. For instance, you might want to praise a recent success the company had or say something like, “These offices are beautiful!”

  • Next: never say, “My allergies are killing me!” Complaining about physical discomfort is perceived as negativity or it’ll come off as if you’re trying to make an excuse for why you’re not as prepared for the interview as you should be – or why you’re blowing it. 

  • The third thing you should never say in a job interview: “My biggest weakness is that I work too hard.” Save it. Your interviewer knows this answer is a bunch of bunk. So how do you answer the "what's your biggest weakness" question? Choose something that’s not a key factor in the job you're applying for. For example, you could say, "I can be nervous about speaking in front of large groups - so I enrolled in Toastmasters and then volunteered to present some seminars at my former employer. So that's becoming less of a problem for me."