Do you enjoy going to work every day? If not, one of these 3 career myths could be the reason why:

  • Myth #1: There’s only one “perfect” job for you,  and you probably haven’t found it yet. That’s False. There are probably a lot of jobs you’d be happy doing for the rest of your life, and it could even be the one you have right now. Career development expert Matthew Walden says looking for the perfect job keeps you from doing what really leads to success, and that’s becoming the perfect worker. In other words, you’ll be happier and more productive if you focus on meeting the challenges you already face, instead of looking around for a better opportunity.

  • The next myth plagues a lot of older workers: Once you're established in a field, you're stuck. That’s not true. Helen Harkness is the author of Don’t Stop the Career Clock. And she says that a few grey hairs usually mean more attention to detail, a better work ethic, and superior interpersonal skills, and most hiring managers know that. Which is why a lot of firms are looking for seasoned veterans, even if they come from other industries.

  • And the last career myth: Getting an MBA guarantees you’ll make big bucks. False. Louis Lavell is an editor at Bloomberg Business Week. And he says having a graduate degree doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a job at all. Right now, the unemployment rate for new MBAs is over 12-percent. In fact, a lot of grads can’t find a job in the field where they got their degree, and find they’re over-qualified for lower positions. Donna Fleming helps turn out MBAs for Cornell University, and she says that making a career decision based solely on your potential salary is a mistake. Her advice? Find a balance between what you like to do, what you can earn, and the amount of education you need to get there.