Some of the foods we consider unhealthy, like eggs and potatoes, aren’t as bad as we think. Here are the foods we should be eating more, according to dietician Katherine Tallmadge:  

  • First: Eggs. Yes, they contain cholesterol, but one egg a day hardly has any impact on our blood cholesterol. It’s actually the saturated-fat in foods that raises our cholesterol. And eggs are low in that. The fact is: The Japanese eat more eggs than almost anybody in the world, but they tend to have low cholesterol and little heart disease because they don’t eat their eggs with fat-bombs like sausage, bacon and buttered toast.  

  • Another food that’s been blacklisted, but should be back on the menu is wheat. Tallmadge says, decades of studies have found that gluten-rich foods, like whole wheat, rye and barley, lower our risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity. And the reason most people lose weight and feel better on a gluten-free diet is because they give up high-calorie sweets and snack foods and eat more naturally gluten-free foods like vegetables. 

  • Another food we should eat more of: Potatoes. Yes, they’re fattening if they’re fried and turned into chips or French fries. But according to the Department of Agriculture, countless studies have found no connection between potatoes and an increased risk of disease. And for centuries, Scandinavians, Russians, Irish and Peruvians ate almost nothing but potatoes, and they weren’t fat. Just stick with healthier baked or boiled potatoes.