It’s time for a technology and entertainment update: Take off the 3-D glasses! I’ll explain why the high-tech experts are focusing on our sense of smell as the newest way to enhance our entertainment experience: 

  • First: 4-D theatres: Where technicians can release 1-thousand different scents that match the action on the screen – like the smell of burning rubber during a car chase. Test screenings show that people are happy to shell out an extra $8 bucks a ticket for the experience. And there will be 4 movie theatres in the U.S. with this technology by the end of this year. 

  • Another aromatic tech-trend: Smell-o-vision. A UC San Diego researcher has created a set-top TV box that can emit 10-thousand different aromas to match the onscreen action – everything from pizza to perfume. But there’s a drawback – you have to replace the scent cartridge, like printer ink. 

  • Also, the text messages of the future may soon come with fragrances! A company called ChatPerf sells a $10 dollar device that plugs into your smartphone’s audio jack. And holds disposable cartridges with 20 fragrances, like peppermint and cinnamon.

So, when someone sends you a text, instead of adding an emoticon – they can add a smell to it.