You spend a lot of hours at work, and chances are they're spent in front of a computer.

Those jobs can lead to all kinds of health problems like eye strain, neck tension, and weight gain due to inactivity. So here are some tips from the experts at Web MD to help you stay healthy at work:
  • Avoid snacks. A cookie or soda here and there can easily add hundreds of calories a day to your diet, adding up to several pounds over the course of a year--The rule here is that with most temptations, it's "out of sight, out of mind". So don't keep snacks at or near your desk. If you keep a jar of candy across the room from where you sit, you're 70% less likely to dig into it.
  • Drink several glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration. This'll keep you alert and will also make you less likely to binge-snack. Keep a bottle of water at your desk and refill it during the day.
  • Another way to stay healthy at work: Disinfect your keyboard, mouse, and phone every day--That's where the most workplace germs are found and they can linger for 72 hours.
And here's the most important tip of all for staying healthy at work: Use your vacation time. According to Rodale Publishing, people who don't take vacations are 30% more likely to die of a heart attack than people who take time off once in a while--In fact, in Japan there's a word for working yourself to death: it's Karoshi. So now that you know, there's no excuse not to take care of yourself at work.

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