Workplace Bullying is Serious Business

It can affect your health, your productivity, and frankly, your career. Studies show that 1 in 6 people admit they’ve had to deal with a bully at work. And 80% of the time, women are the targets. Why? Because women tend to be less confrontational. And they don’t like to upset the apple-cart at work if they can help it. So, they’re often willing to put up with things that men just wouldn’t tolerate. If someone’s making your work-life miserable, here’s how to deal with the situation. These tips come from Career Builder .com:

  • First, when someone is rude to you, don’t be rude back. You’ll just escalate their anger, and make things a lot worse. You can repeat their comment back to them though, and say something like, “Did I hear you correctly when you said _________?” If they were rude to you in front of other people, that can shame a bully into changing their behavior. Or at the very least it lets them know that you’ve got their number and you won’t be intimidated.
  • But, understand that they might not know they’ve offended you. Think about it: You’ve probably blundered into a line at the movies, only to be told, “The line starts back there”. So, approach them by saying, “You may not realize this, but my feelings were hurt today. ”
  • And the final way to deal with workplace bullying: Stick to the facts. So, skip the emotional outburst. And try something like: “In today’s meeting, you cut me off and said my idea was worthless.” Don’t make accusations. Simply go on to explain why it bothered you, and ask for their feedback.  

Bottom line: you deserve to enjoy your job, and to be free of abusive behavior. If you’re being hassled, do something about it. For more information, check out the website

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