Working women are happier and healthier than women who don't have jobs

That's according to Web MD, and the message is this: Ladies, the headaches are worth it! By having it all, you're giving yourself better health.
A new study from the University of Pennsylvania found that things have improved for women since the 1970s, when they were fighting for equality. They're working more - and evidently handling it very well!
Researcher and sociologist Jason Schnittker studied 40 thousand men and women between ages 18 and 80-- He asked them to rate their health as "poor," "fair," "good," or "excellent." He also factored in their work schedules, education, marital status, and job level. He found that when both spouses work, women still do more housework and childcare than their husbands. But the surprising thing is, it isn't taking a toll on women's health. In fact, women are healthier now than ever before-- The healthiest women are the ones who earn the most, which is probably a reflection of the medical benefits they get.
But even women with lower incomes are better off than women who are unemployed. Why? Because leading a complex life makes people feel productive, they feel connected to others, their quality of life is improved, and in general, they're happier. Also, working and taking care of kids makes women feel needed   and when you feel needed, your immunity gets a boost. Your body thinks, 'I can't get sick, people are counting on me!'
Bottom line? Women are doing it all, and they're happier and healthier because of it.

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