What do you think is worse for your health--Losing your job, getting a divorce or losing a loved one?

According to Ananova .com, losing your job is the worst thing that can happen to you.
Researchers in London, the U.S.A and France tracked the mood-swings of 24,000 people over 15 years. And they found that unemployed people can end up being scarred for life. Even those who return to work often never reach the level of happiness they had before a job loss. But people who divorce, or have to deal with losing a loved one are often able to be as happy again as they once were.
And the longer someone is unemployed, the more severe the effect on their happiness. But even a brief period of unemployment can cause serious emotional damage. That's the word from Dr. Yannis Georgellis from the Brunel University in London. He was involved in the study.
So what can be done? According to the experts, don't force yourself to get over it right away. Even though finding a new job takes a huge weight off your shoulders, time is the only thing that can make your recovery complete - not money or a new title. So go ahead and mope around a bit. The more completely you grieve, the better off you'll be.

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