There's A Website That Lets You Rate the Job Performance of Your Co-workers

There’s a new website that lets you rate the job performance of your co-workers, just like you can rate movies, restaurants, and products online. It’s called, and anyone who’s over 21 and has a Facebook account can get access. According to ABC News, the site is controversial because the comments are anonymous – with no way of removing a negative comment. Critics point out that any co-worker with a bone to pick can post an unfair review. The creators are veterans of sites like LinkedIn and eBay, and they wanted a forum for honest feedback about a person’s job performance and work ethic, and a clearinghouse for tough-to-find information about a person’s management style, productivity, integrity and relationships.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you have a gripe with a co-worker. You can log onto Honestly using your Facebook account and either create a profile for your coworker, or add a comment to an existing page. You then assign them a rating and describe your beef with them. Your name is kept anonymous, so your colleague can’t seek revenge, and your comment is there for the world to see. If you want to praise someone, you can do that, too.The site then tallies up reviews and rates the employee’s professional reputation on a five-star scale.

Co-founder Peter Kazanjy says that the website is completely professional, because they have rules in place to keep snarky remarks to a minimum. For example, comments may be anonymous to visitors - but the website’s operators know who everyone is because you have to sign in via Facebook. They monitor unfair behavior, and can tell if someone only leaves negative reviews or signed in with a fake Facebook account. As a result, moderators can push comments down the list, remove them entirely, or simply label a user “not trusted.” The upshot is – you may want to log on to see what others think of you. If you’d like to go further, the website is

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