Tech Companies Are Scrambling to “Out-Fun” Each Other

Have you suggested your company sponsor an air guitar contest? It may seem silly, but wacky things are happening every day at internet companies. In fact, industry insiders say that tech companies are scrambling to “out-fun” each other by offering crazy perks to attract and keep employees. For example, the travel site has a treehouse for workers to take naps in, throws kickball tournaments, and in’s office, there are beer kegs with built-in iPads that offer information about the beer being served.

So, why are tech companies all about fun? Experts say we’re in a new tech boom, which means engineers and product developers are constantly working, trying to create the “next big thing.” Employees work around the clock since the internet doesn’t ever “close.” So they expect to occasionally blow off steam where they work. Sales show it’s a win-win for employers and workers. AirBNB, an internet company that connects people to vacation rentals, reports bookings have jumped 800% in the last year.

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