Overcome These Workspace Problems

Would you like to be miserable for eight hours a day? I didn’t think so. That’s why I have these tips from Body and Soul Magazine that’ll help you overcome some of your biggest workplace problems.

  • Your workspace has the appeal of a hospital waiting room. If your work station makes you miserable, you’re going to spend the day feeling. miserable. So perk it up a little! First, put up a couple of family photos - looking at the people who love you sends feel-good chemicals to your brain, and reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Stick a plant on your desk, too. Not only will an indoor plant soak up pollutants and give off oxygen, but workers with plants nearby are more productive and more relaxed.
  • You’re feeling burned out. You can beat burnout a couple of ways. First, there’s this thing workers get called a “lunch break.” Start taking it! Go for a walk outside if you can - aerobic exercise raises levels of the brain’s feel-good chemical, serotonin. Plus, a ten minute walk can increase your alertness for two hours. Also, overtime should be an occasional thing – not an everyday occurrence. So if you have a problem calling it quits at a reasonable hour, try scheduling a gym class or a movie date with your family right after work. That way, you’re FORCED to leave on time.
  • You have no idea if you’re doing a good job. Your boss is busy. They have a company to run and although they may think you’re doing good work, they might not have time to tell you. So you need to take matters into your own hands. How? Ask your boss if you can schedule a meeting to go over your job performance. Then, during the meeting, ask for new projects. Discuss areas where you can improve. That way, you’ll have something to work towards, and you won’t feel like you’re just spinning your wheels. Plus, taking the initiative and asking for new projects will work in your favor when promotion time rolls around.

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