Make Small Changes to Land The Job You Want

If you’re looking for work, there’s a lot of competition out there. According to Yahoo Jobs, companies are receiving record numbers of applications. That means you’re waiting longer to hear back from them, or you’re not hearing back at all! Instead of getting discouraged, it’s time to review your strategy and increase your chances of standing out. Here’s how:

  • Make sure you’re the right fit. Independent recruiter Cheryl Ferguson says that in a tight job market, employers can get exactly what they want. If a posting says you must have five years of experience and you only have two or three, spend your time and energy looking elsewhere.
  • Check to see if they’ve gotten to your application. Sue Fox is the author of Business Etiquette for Dummies. She says that some companies are taking three weeks to a month just to confirm that they’ve received your resume. Her advice? Send a follow-up email after a couple of weeks to get your name in front of the hiring manager. If you don’t hear back, be patient. You don’t want to come across as a pest.
  • Follow directions. Dave Opton is CEO and founder of the business networking site, ExecuNet. He suggests that you review the job listing to be sure you respond exactly the way the company specifies. So, if an ad says, “Apply in person” and you decide to call or email, don’t expect to be a candidate.  
  • Polish your presentation. Lindsay Olson is a partner and recruiter at Paradigm Staffing. She says that people get sloppy when they’re applying for a lot of jobs. So, reread your resume and cover letter and make sure there aren’t any typos and that you’ve stated your accomplishments accurately and in a way that fits the job posting. 

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