Looking for a new job? If so, you better do a double-take on your wardrobe, first

According to CNN .com, there are some serious fashion blunders that can cost you the job   no matter how right for the position you are.
Here's what the career coaches say are the five biggest mistakes people make when dressing for an interview.
  • They Can Smell You Before They See You. When it comes to perfume or cologne, less is best. You want to be remembered for your skills and personality   not an overbearing stench.
  • They Can't See Past Your Tie. Your multi-colored fish tie might be fun, but it doesn't send a professional message. Stick to conservative, solid colors or ties with limited designs. You can always wear the fish after you get hired.
  • The Noisemaker Effect. Steer clear of pockets full of change or oversized jewelry. They'll cause an unwanted distraction in the room, and the interviewer won't be able to give you their full attention--
  • The Five O'clock Shadow. While companies have different policies on facial hair for men, looking neatly groomed is important in any situation   especially an interview. Nothing says "I just rolled out of bed," like a five o'clock shadow.
And the 5th biggest mistake people make when dressing for an interview: Casual Friday Wear. Here's the basic rule of thumb: find out how people at the company usually dress, and go one level higher. This shows that you take yourself, and the job, seriously. And if you're not sure about the company's dress code, call Human Resources and ask. You don't wanna show up looking more casual than the rest of the employees.

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