Is It You or Your Boss?

So your boss is always on your case at work and there's no good reason for it - or is there? Ross Jay, author of the book "How To Manage Your Boss" says lots of bosses can be jerks, and if yours is, you need to take action. But first, you have to make sure that you're not the one who's REALLY responsible for your misery. Problem #1: You're overworked and often stay late. Before you start complaining, take a look at how well-organized you are   or aren't. Are you distracted easily, or spending too much time surfing the web? If so, you need a reality check. But if you ARE working your socks off, your boss might be taking advantage of you. In this case, you need to let him know why it's important for you to leave on time. Family should be your top priority. Problem #2: Your boss picks on you. First, look at the situation non-emotionally. Ask your colleagues for their perspective, and make sure you're not over-reacting. If you ARE being picked on, address the situation in private. Let your boss know that you sense pressure from him, and ask what the problem is. Keep calm and be direct. Problem #3: He never gives you any feedback. There's no good excuse for zero feedback   it's a case of poor management, not a reflection on your performance. To fix this, tell your boss you'd like to have a chat about how you're doing   once a month. A monthly meeting like this will keep you both on track, and let him know you're determined to do a good job. After a meeting or two, your boss will get the picture and start offering you unsolicited feedback. Sometimes they just need a little training!

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