How can you deal with a back-stabber at work?

Since you don't want to sink to their level, you have to try something else. So, here's some advice from the career experts at Rodale Publishing:
  • First, just remember   your boss's opinion is the one that matters. And if you're having trouble with a co-worker, it's important to defend yourself to the boss without being a whiner. So, present your case by pointing out what's good for the organization. Remind them of your recent accomplishments, and tell them how you plan to do even more in the future. That way, they'll see you as supportive, creative and reliable   not a problem worker who might have trouble getting along with others.
  • But what should you do if a co-worker takes credit for something you did? Be creative, and don't make any accusations. Try something like this: Pitch a new proposal, and take credit for the old proposal too by saying, "I thought of this when I had that idea to make all the product boxes blue." And just continue your presentation. That off-hand remark tells your boss two things:
    1. One, you were directly involved in a previous creative decision.
    2. And two, you're a team player willing to share the credit. And that will score you a lot of points at the office.

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