Dealing With a Difficult Boss

  • First, when you are trying to accomplish something--focus on the problem or issue, not the personality of the person. No matter how difficult someone is, if you stick to the matter at hand, you won't be sidetracked by your boss's personality defects.
  • Second: Listen and learn-- Your boss has his or her own point of view and it's likely he or she will insist on stating it. Instead of resisting, just listen. Once you understand your boss's point of view, and she realizes you 'get it' you can give her your own take on the situation. If you have taken the time to hear your boss out, she might be more receptive to your ideas or desires.
  • And finally, if your boss is difficult and you need to make headway, come up with a solution that takes into account her views as well as yours. Be proactive at coming up with solutions to problems rather than expecting your boss to solve everything.

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