You Should Never Say or Do These Things When You Travel

Here’s what you should never do or say when you travel, according to travel expert Christopher Elliott, and National Geographic Traveler magazine:

  • The first thing you should never do: Threaten violence. In a post 9-11 world, threats to travel workers are taken very seriously. In fact, in most places, any threat to inflict bodily injury is considered a misdemeanor, and if a weapon’s involved, even a pen or a glove, the threat becomes a felony! If either one happens, your travel plans will most likely be rerouted straight to jail.
  • A 2nd thing you should never do when you travel: Have too many drinks. In general, alcohol and travel don’t mix – especially in an airport. If a gate agent sees that you’re intoxicated. or if they believe your conduct will put the safety of others at risk, then they can refuse to let you board the plane. If you’re kicked out of an airport for being a safety hazard, most airlines won’t be obligated to refund your money.
  • One more thing you should never do when you travel: Yell, scream, swear, or act inappropriately around OTHER passengers. Why? Seven words you’ll find in the fine print of most business contracts are: “We reserve the right to refuse service.” Travel professionals have been known to use that right whenever one person’s bad behavior ruins the travel experience for others. For example: Passengers have been refused service for cutting in line, for pushing other people out of the way, for using abusive language around children, or for refusing to sit down because they didn’t get the seat they wanted.

Bottom line: Traveling doesn’t give you a license to misbehave, and no matter how much money you paid for your ticket, being rude or obnoxious is one of the easiest ways to guarantee your travel plans will be cancelled on the spot.

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