The Six Commandments of Travel

Here are the 6 Commandments of Travel. These come from John Frenaye, travel columnist for MSNBC:

  • Thou shalt not fall for “last-minute” travel deals. A lot of them don’t cost any less than you would have paid months before. But you have less flexibility, and if airfare’s not included, you’ll be paying extra for last-minute flights. Neither shall thou fall for the “be-a-travel-agent-and-travel-for-free” line. That’s when a company offers you 2 free tickets if you can convince 30 of your friends to pay full fare. What they don’t tell you is: You could be on the hook for any unsold bookings! Bottom line: If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Thou shalt pay close attention to anything that says “nonrefundable.” No matter how unhappy you are with the departure date, tours, transportation, accommodations, or amenities, once you write that check or plunk down your plastic, you’re not getting your money back. Ever!
  • Thou shalt remember that your safety is your responsibility. Not the cruise line, the tour company, the flight attendant, or the government of whatever country you’re traveling in. So, before you book, check out the safety record of the airline and tour company, and the availability of medical care where you’re going.
  • Thou shalt not complain about Mexicans speaking Spanish in Mexico, Italians speaking Italian in Italy, or Japanese speaking Japanese in Japan. Thou shalt further promise to learn a few local phrases so you don’t look like a rude tourist.
  • Thou shalt be polite to all travel workers you encounter, including hotel, airline, and cruise employees. They work hard and probably don’t get paid a lot. And they certainly won’t go out of their way to make your visit pleasant if you make their job miserable.  
  • Thou shalt remember that weather happens. So, yelling at your travel agent, desk clerk, bus driver, or family will not change it. Bottom line: If thou wantest a climate-controlled vacation, our expert suggests thou should stayest at home in thy living room!

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