The New Wonders of The World

What are the Seven Wonders of the World? Well, don’t feel too bad if you don’t know – considering most of them don’t even exist anymore. The original list of the grandest man-made wonders was compiled in the second century B.C. by a Greek engineer and mathematician named Philon of Byzantium.

His list of wonders was basically an ancient travel guide for the people of Athens to the sights along the Mediterranean Sea – which was the entire world as they knew it then. But only one of them, the Pyramids at Giza still exists. A few of the other 7 wonders include: the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, built on the banks of the Euphrates River. The statue of Zeus at Olympia. And the lighthouse of Alexandria.

Most of that means nothing to us today – with our modern skyscrapers, bridges, and other impressive structures.
That’s why Swiss adventurer Bernard Weber has launched “the New 7 Wonders Foundation”. It’s a search for the 7 wonders from the beginning of civilization through today. And anyone can vote on this new list – as opposed to Philon’s list which was just one man’s opinion.
Already, twenty million people have voted at New – that’s the number 7. and a panel of architecture experts has whittled down the top vote getters to 21 finalists. And these finalists all still exist today – from ancient structures like the Great Wall of China, Stonehenge, and the Taj Mahal, to modern structures like the Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House, and Christ Redeemer, the statue of Christ which stands over Rio de Janeiro.

The voting will be going on until NEXT July – at which time there will be a live worldwide broadcast announcing the New 7 Wonders. So get your vote in at New 7 Wonders .com.

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