Popular Myths About Air Travel

You’ve probably heard stories of airplanes dropping from the sky after being struck by lightning. Or how about the tale of a woman who got stuck to an airplane toilet seat, because of the toilet’s powerful suction? How many of these stories are real, and how many are urban legends? Let’s find out, with intel we found on AOL.com:

  • Myth #1: All airplane crashes are deadly. That’s NOT TRUE. In fact, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, the survival rate for airplane crashes is 95.7%! When you compare survival rates in airplanes to survival rates on the road, the news is even better: Today, your risk of dying in a plane crash is about one-in-90-million. That’s 15 times safer than your risk of dying in car crash.
  • Myth #2: A lightning strike in mid-air will cause a plane to drop from the sky. That’s FALSE. Actually, studies show that every plane will be struck by lightning at least once each year! Since airplanes are built with aluminum, which is an excellent conductor, the electricity from lightning generally skims the plane’s surface harmlessly.
  • Myth #3: Bird strikes like the one that caused the plane to land in the Hudson River happen all the time. Unfortunately, that’s TRUE. In the past 20 years, the FAA has documented more than 70,000 bird strikes! However, only five were serious enough to cause an accident.
  • Myth #4: If you flush an airplane toilet while sitting down, you might get stuck to the seat. That rumor dates back to an old Reuters news story about a woman who got stuck to the toilet during a flight on Scandinavian Airlines. The story was completely FALSE, but the rumor lives on. The fact is, no airplane toilet is strong enough to hold you down, no matter how powerful the suction sounds.

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