If you're a hothead, flying off at the handle when life hands you lemons - take a breath and listen to some of these tips from R

They'll help you cope with life's little frustrations.
Keep in mind that anger is a survival mechanism. When we hit an obstacle, anger kicks in and our body automatically cranks up our heart rate and breathing. And sometimes this happens before our brain can fully register what the problem is--When human beings lived in caves, this was a good thing. We could prepare to defend ourselves. These days, that automatic physical response can kick in over something as simple as a lost parking space. Not exactly a life or death survival issue. So take a breath. Your anger is a natural response, but what you do with it is your decision.
Cool off first, then make a choice. When you're angry, it's not a great time to make decisions. Once your adrenaline level comes down, you'll see the situation for what it is. So the trick is finding a way to cool off so you don't do something you'll regret later. Take a walk around the block, or call up a friend and vent. Anything that can get you past those strong physical feelings that make you wanna explode.
And finally, realize that some people are just more hot-headed than others.
Jerry Deffenbacher is a psychologist who specializes in anger management. He says that some people are genetically wired to react more intensely to things, and it's apparent even in childhood. So if you think you're one of these people, he recommends something called "cognitive restructuring." This means replacing one set of behaviors with another. This can be as simple as removing words like "always" and "never" from your vocabulary and focusing on how anger won't really fix whatever's wrong.
So - take a breath. And repeat after me: Everything's gonna be okay.

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