Do You Celebrate the Holidays in January?

Hey, it’s January. Are you and your family ready to celebrate Christmas? Don’t laugh. Because thanks to the “hassle factor” of traveling around the holidays, more people than ever are choosing to reschedule their Thanksgiving and Christmas plans. In other words, they’re waiting ‘till NOW to gather ‘round the tree and hand out gifts. There’s no hard data on how many people do this, but USA Today says it’s a growing trend. It’s easy to understand WHY.

Airfare between Thanksgiving and Christmas is traditionally more expensive than at any other time of the year. If you DID buy a plane ticket, odds are good you’d experience a flight delay or cancellation somewhere along your trip. Not to mention the long lines everywhere. On the other hand, if you chose to DRIVE, you’d be bumper to bumper with 53-million other people who jam highways over the holidays.
No wonder so many families now schedule their gatherings in January instead – AFTER the holiday rush has calmed down. When they can take advantage of the post-Christmas clearance sales!

Is rescheduling the holidays a good thing? Sheila McNamee thinks so. She’s a communications professor at the University of New Hampshire and she points out that holiday dates are nothing more than a social invention anyway. After all, the Pilgrims didn’t always plan their first harvest for the 4th Thursday of November. Some historians disagree about whether December 25th was the actual day Jesus was born. What counts is what tradition works best for you. Travel experts predict that rescheduling the holidays will become more normal as time goes on. In fact, analyst Terry Trippler believes today’s society is much less traditional than past generations. So it’s no longer as big a deal for us to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving on specific dates.

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