Would you like to help save the environment, and make life better for someone else while you're at it?

Here are some tips from Woman's Day magazine on ways that you can make a difference:
  • First, donate old blankets and bathroom rugs to pet shelters and humane societies. Lost cats and dogs need comfortable beds...And old rugs are not only softer, but they don't shed as much. Just make sure to wash them before you drop them off at your local animal shelter.
  • Then, donate old towels and socks to help the homeless. Many homeless shelters offer showers and clean clothes to "day" visitors   and they always need extra clean socks and towels   no matter how old and faded they are.
  • Another way to recycle and help others is, grab that old dusty suitcase and donate it to "Suitcases for Kids." In 1996, 10-year-old Aubyn Burnside found out that most foster kids move their belongings in trash bags. So, she founded a non-profit group to give out donated luggage. And the final tip on how to help the environment and other people is: A clothes swap.If you've lost or gained weight   and who hasn't - you probably have lots of perfectly good clothes that don't fit anymore. So, invite a group of friends over for a clothing "exchange" party. Everyone will go home with something "new"   maybe even something of yours they always wanted. And whatever doesn't get swapped can go to charity.

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