What to do in These Worst-Case Scenarios

It’s unlikely that the worst will ever happen to you. But just in case, we want you to be prepared. So here’s what to do in two scary, emergency-type situations. We found this in Oprah’s “O” magazine.  

  • So let’s say you’re at the bank and a gunman enters. First, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be in that situation, no matter how many movies and TV shows have that plot-line. Why? Because most banks are very secure and security conscious. And public spaces that are likely to be monitored are bad targets for thieves. That’s according to J. Kelly McCann, president of Kroll’s Security Group. In fact, only 2% of all robberies take place in a bank. And approximately 80 percent of bank robberies involve a lone robber who holds up a lone teller. But if it should ever happen to you – keep this in mind: The odds are the gunman is more interested in getting the money and getting away quickly, than shooting anybody. So follow his instructions, but try to stand behind something relatively bulletproof – like marble, stone or concrete. But not metal, which can be penetrated. If the gunman is a crazy psycho on a shooting rampage – get moving. It’s harder to hit a moving target.                          
  • The next worst-case scenario – you’re cutting through a dark alley and you get jumped. It’s unlikely this will happen because you’re smart enough to know not to cut through a dark alley on your own. But if it does happen, here’s McCann’s advice.  Carry pepper spray in your coat pocket or somewhere easily accessible when you’re in a vulnerable situation – like walking through a dark, empty parking lot. If you don’t have pepper spray, try hair spray. No hair spray, use your hands. Pretend you’re holding a grapefruit with all five fingers, then slam them into your attacker’s face! If you don’t get both eyes, you’ll at least probably get one.

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