What Happy People Know

I thought I'd share some wisdom from the book, "What happy People Know" by Doctor Dan Baker-- He says; the happiest people are the ones who take time to appreciate the little things in life   like a friend's smile, the taste of food, the color of the sky-- Too many people live their lives in a haze, running around over-committing to everybody. Especially women, who do tend to be care-givers. As selfish as it may sound, happy people take more time for themselves. Another happiness secret from Dr. Baker: stop being so hard on yourself! Be happy with who you are now   you're a great cook, a good friend, a snappy dresser. And know this: happy people tend to have happy children. If you're constantly complaining about your life, it's hard for your children to be happy. Lead by example. Even when times are tough, there's always something to feel good about. Focus on that, change your perspective, and you'll have the secret to happiness.

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