Things You May Think You're Too Old To Do, But Aren't

Is there something you've been putting off? Do you feel it's too late to try? Think again., here are three things you may think you're too old to do, but aren't.

  • Having a baby. According to Dr. Richard Paulson, head of USC’s Fertility Program, women have two biological clocks: one for eggs, which winds down by the mid-40s and one for the uterus, which can keep going into a woman’s 60s. Until about age 45, a woman’s eggs can be harvested for in vitro fertilization and many clinics will implant donated eggs in women up to age 55. As for men, most fertility experts agree that there’s no age limit. Older parents tend to be more patient with their kids. Why? Because they’ve lived enough life to know that the small stuff isn’t worth sweating over.
  • You’re also never too old mend a fence. Dr. Donna Tonrey, a family therapist from La Salle University, says the best way to heal a broken relationship – even one with longstanding problems – is to listen to the other person’s point of view. You need to make an honest effort to understand where they’re coming from, whether you agree with it or not. If you still don’t agree with their opinion after all these years, but you still want to reconcile, learn to accept your differences and focus on other things. Studies show that we become more tolerant as we enter our 40s, 50s and beyond. So it’s the perfect time to mend a relationship.
  • One final thing you’re never too old to do: Become a rock star! Not only is playing guitar a stress reliever, it’s an Alzheimer’s preventer, and a brain builder. So say the researchers at Michigan State University. Because learning to read and play music activates parts of the brain used in translating written notes into actions. According to Nick Vecchio, author of “Beginning Guitar For Adults”, older students make the best students because they’re more committed. It should only take two years to become proficient.

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