The Top Pet-Peeves of Professional Waiters

At restaurants, you may hate slow service or if your steak is undercooked. But guess what? The restaurant staff has just as many criticisms about YOU, their loyal customer. So here are the top pet-peeves of professional waiters, according to AOL .com.

  • Pet peeve #1: Customer campers. Imagine someone showing up where you work, five minutes before quitting time, then forcing you to stay an extra two hours! Well, that’s how it feels for waiters, when you stick around long after the kitchen has closed. Even if you’ve paid your bill, those waiters will stay to refresh your drinks, even though they don’t get paid overtime. So if you’re a regular table camper, consider leaving an extra tip to compensate for that extra time.
  • Pet peeve #2: Customers who don’t pay attention. Part of any server’s job is to recite the chef’s specials each night. Yet no matter how slowly they speak, every waiter gets at least one customer who says: “What was that third thing again?” Some restaurants try to help by printing their specials inside the menu, but that doesn’t stop people from asking anyway. So if you must ask, please prepare to listen!
  • Pet peeve #3 : Customers who expect waiters to be babysitters. It’s great that you want to spend time out with your kids, but not if they haven’t learned basic table manners – like not throwing their food!
  • Pet peeve #4: Customers who blame the server for something the chef did. If you’re not happy with something you ordered, it’s your right to send it back. Don’t badger your waiter about it! After all, they had nothing to do with cooking it. Just politely explain your problem.
  • Now for the biggest pet peeve of waiters: Customers who don’t tip. The fact is most wait staff get paid BELOW minimum wage. Yet they’re taxed at minimum wage rates. So if they don’t work hard to make at least 15% in tips, waiters actually LOSE money.  So it’s one thing if the service is bad, but if you can’t reward good service with a good tip – because you don’t have enough money – then why are you eating out in the first place? You should budget enough cash for a tip BEFORE you even head out the door.

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