Luxury Underground Bunkers Are Built to Protect You From Colossal Disasters

Right now, the hottest place in North America is underground. More people than ever are buying shares in luxury underground bunkers to help them survive environmental disasters and nuclear warfare. In fact, sales are up 1,000% compared to last year. So, what exactly are high-end bunkers? They’re the size of a superstore buried 40 feet underground, and are a cross between a fortress and 5-star resort. Most have private suites for families, and common areas to share with hundreds of your bunk mates, including pools and medical complexes. Their biggest selling point? They’re built to protect you from colossal disasters, everything from a nuclear bomb blast, to the potential return of Planet X, which conspiracy theorists say could trigger simultaneous earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcano risings.

Underground bunkers are stocked with enough supplies like water, food, and electricity, to keep everyone alive below ground for a year. Once you reserve a spot in an underground survival center, you can retreat there any time you feel threatened. For example, if the economy collapses, or a war breaks out. So, why are people bunking down in style? Robert Vicino is the CEO of Vivos, a company that makes luxury bunkers. He says that people today want to be extra prepared in case a disaster hits and wipes out their home and their town. Stocking extra canned soup and flashlights just won’t cut it. Also, the recent devastating tsunami in Japan has only pushed more people to reserve space in an emergency underground hideaway.

Living underground isn’t cheap. Some bunker communities cost a minimum of $50,000 per person, and it costs millions of dollars to build your own private disaster hideaway in your backyard. One California man we read about recently used the money he was saving for a down payment on a house to buy a bunker suite. He says even though he can’t afford to buy a house now, he feels safe knowing he has a place to go – just in case.

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