It’s time to answer a few questions that have plagued mankind for centuries!

Real Simple magazine interviewed the experts, and here’s what they learned.

First: Will talking to your plants help them grow? The answer is YES. Sydney Edison is a lifelong gardener and author of the new book “Gardens to Go.” And she says chatting up your plants means you’re breathing carbon dioxide on them. And plants absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis to make food for themselves. And obviously, a plant that is talked to is simply a plant that’s well cared for. So it’s bound to grow.

Next: Does counting sheep help you fall asleep? Again - a resounding YES. But it’s not necessarily the sheep that do the trick. Dr. Meir Kryger is a professor of medicine at the University of Manitoba in Canada. And she points out that the idea is to stop your mind from racing by focusing on something specific – like a pleasant scene, or jumping sheep. Or you can concentrate on relaxing each of the muscles in your body from head to toe. When you center your racing mind, you’re more likely to fall asleep.

And one last age-old question answered: Is it true that lightning never strikes twice? Nope – that one’s false. The taller something is, the closer it is to the sky and the more likely it is to attract a bolt of lightning during an electrical storm. That’s the word from Dennis Decker, a meteorologist with the national weather service. In fact, the Empire State Building has been struck several times. And even though it probably hasn’t happened twice in the exact same spot – it could. Decker says think of it as throwing a dart at a dartboard. Your odds of hitting the exact same hole twice are pretty slim, but not impossible. And it works the same way for lightning.

There – now you can go impress your neighbors.

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