If your true love has just walked out the door, DO NOT get behind the wheel of an automobile!

According to News .com, having a broken heart is the number one stressor that causes car crashes.
Researchers from France's National Institute for Medical Research surveyed 20,000 people. And they found that being recently divorced or separated didn't mix well with driving. Specifically, it increased a person's risk of getting into a car accident by a staggering 400 percent.
In fact, in France, driving while broken-hearted accounts for 170 deaths and 3000 injuries each year.
The lead researcher said the increased risk of a car crash is probably because of two factors: emotional stress and the use of antidepressants. The stress interferes with your good judgment, and the medication can slow your reaction time. And as you can guess, that's a deadly combination.
So if you're nursing a broken heart, you might want to cut back on your driving. And if you can't, at least be extra careful when you're out on the road.

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