I have some new workplace lingo to share with you

This comes from Netscape.com, but I haven't heard anybody around our office using these terms, so maybe I'll be the first. How about.
  • "404": It comes from an internet error message and means Clueless. Let me use it in a sentence, "I'm 404 when it comes to fashion."
  • How about this phrase, "Generate warm name flow": It means to drum up leads from clients or while you're networking. Use it like this, "My cousin's wedding will generate warm name flow for dates all year!" Again, this is new corporate lingo that you can insert into your conversations to sound totally hip and with it. Here's another:
  • "Incentivize": it means to give someone a reason to work harder. Like, "I told little Jimmy I'd give him $5 bucks for every 'A' on his report card but it wasn't enough to incentivize him."
  • One last one   to "type-diss": It's a verb that means to type while talking. As in, "I thought it was a romantic phone call until I heard her type-dissing me!"

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