Body Language

Experts say that in every minute of interaction with other people, we project up to ten thousand nonverbal signals! And those signals can say more about what someone is thinking than the words coming out of their mouth. So here's how you can read someone else's body language. And get to the bottom of what's really on their mind. This comes from Steve Cohen and the book "The Experts' Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do":

  • The first body language clue: Pay attention to pupils. When you walk into a dark room, your pupils become larger because your eyes are gathering information about your surroundings. But your pupils also get larger when you're interested in someone - because your eyes are trying to collect information about them, too. So, if someone's pupils are large when you're talking to them, it means they find you interesting.

  • Next: Check for eye contact. Experts say when people speak their true feelings, they're able to maintain eye contact because they have nothing to hide. But when people look away from you, it means they're concealing something, and may not be telling the truth.

  • Another body language clue: Watch for fake smiles. If someone is smiling at you through clenched teeth or tightened lips, it could mean they're forcing themselves to smile. And a forced smile could mean the person is trying to deceive you. If you're unsure about whether or not the smile is fake, remember this: a genuine smile takes longer to fade than a forced smile because our body has less control over it.

  • And a final body language clue: Look out for fidgeting. When someone is unhappy, their legs usually bounce around because they can't control their body. So watch out for fidgety legs! It could mean the person you're talking to isn't happy with the conversation.

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