Reasons Your Credit Card Gets Declined

So – you’re at Kohl’s and you just have to have that Bobby Flay cookware! You whip out your trusty credit card, hand it over to the sales clerk and BAM! You’re DENIED! This has never happened before. You’re mortified. “But there’s enough credit on there I swear!” you plead with the clerk as they pry the $200 pair of stilettos out of your hands. So, what happened? Here are some of the reasons your card may have been declined. We got this from

  • Account delinquency. If you constantly pay your credit card bill LATE, by 30 days or more, the company could restrict your charging privileges.
  • Geographic location. If you go outside your normal spending area, you might end up with a card that doesn’t work. Especially if you travel internationally. To avoid trouble, give your credit card company a heads-up when you plan a trip. Otherwise, they may think your card’s been stolen.
  • They suspect fraud. Your card issuer might suspect that your card’s been stolen if there’s a notable change in your shopping patterns. For example, let’s say your account shows several huge purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue, but you’re more the Kohl’s type. They could simply be looking out for your pocketbook. If they’ve stopped you from buying that $200 pair of shoes – it looks like they succeeded! All you have to do is make a quick phone call to customer service and find out why you card’s been declined. If it’s a simple matter of verifying the purchase, you can do that over the phone, but you still might want to think twice before forking over the money. People tend to spend 30% more when they pay with a credit card versus cash.

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