Here's Some Intelligence for Your Wallet

This summer, gasoline may cost over 3 bucks a gallon! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the price is going up for several reasons including a weak U.S. dollar, rising crude oil prices, and all this cold winter weather--Because crude oil that would normally be used to make gasoline is heating our homes instead-- So, what does this mean to you? We won't have enough gasoline set aside when summer rolls around--And with people wanting to buy more gasoline than there is available, the price will simply go up. It's the law of supply and demand. But here are some tips for getting better gas mileage this summer   or anytime of the year:
  • Empty your trunk. Carrying around a bowling ball and your brother-in-law's golf clubs is like driving an extra person everywhere with you. And 100 pounds of junk equals 1 less mile per gallon--
  • Slow down: Each 5 miles per hour over 60 is like adding a dime to the cost of a gallon of gas. Avoid quick starts and frequent passing.
  • Another way to save gas--Check traffic before you leave: Idling in traffic equals 0 miles per gallon. Try checking your state's Department of Transportation website--
And the final way to conserve fuel on the road   use your air conditioning to cool your car in the summer. Having the windows open causes wind resistance and uses up more fuel-- And if you're in the market for a new car this year, skip those heavy SUVs--And don't purchase options you don't really need. Options like four-wheel drive are heavy and can really increase your gas consumption. And if you want to really rack up the number of miles you can get from a tank of gas, get a manual transmission.

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