Why Does A Bride Toss Her Bouquet Anyway?

Will you be a wedding guest soon? If so, here’s the origin of some popular marriage traditions.  Rattle off some of these, and you’ll be the smartest person at the bride and groom’s table. We found these in Quick and Simple Magazine.

  • Why does the bride toss her bouquet? In ancient Europe, having a piece of the bride’s wedding ensemble was supposed to bring good fortune. But since most brides aren’t thrilled with the idea of having their gown ripped apart, they started throwing a bouquet instead. And although today’s bouquets are usually made of flowers, they used to be made of herbs like thyme and garlic, which people thought would ward off evil spirits. That’s one stinky bouquet!
  • What’s the significance of a wedding ring? The circular shape of the ring symbolizes infinite love – it has no beginning and no end, just like the love between the bride and groom. And in the olden days, rings were also exchanged to symbolize the circle of life – since most couples were expected to have children and pass on the family name.
  • Where does the phrase ‘tying the knot’ come from? Experts say it originated in Roman times. Why? Because Roman brides often wore a girdle fastened with knots under their wedding dress.
  • Why do we tie cans to the bumper of the bride and groom’s car? We can thank the French for this tradition. They used to interrupt the bride and groom on the night of their wedding and start banging pots and pans outside their home. They thought doing this would scare away evil spirits that might ruin the marriage. Today, people skip the pots and pans and tie noisy cans to the bride and groom’s car instead. Although no one knows why some people tie old shoes to the car bumper.  

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